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  • got the intro screen in place! =O

  • wrote a general framework for handling menus and menu cursor positioning

  • test music in place for intro screen, need to write some kind of music struct to ensure that all tracks are freed from memory

Nightly build here

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ok, quick progress report.

  • Initial codebase is checked into cvs, got a few user accounts created for people

  • Monster/Item/Text loading is working (with support for internationalization =D)

  • Ridiculously basic map is up. Two characters on the map (using pack-in template character)

  • Basic textbox function is half working, but will probably need a complete rewrite later on

  • Tileset is somewhat there. FFVI based currently

  • Got save/loading worked out in my head, but not implemented in any sort of manner

whee. progress. One of the nice things about the way I'm doing data (monsters, items, all text in the game) is that it's all stored in spreadsheets in /data, so until it gets distro'ed (at which point we pack file up stuff), all the game data can be edited in your spreadsheet application of choice (open office, excel, gnumeric, koffice, text editor ftw!).

General complaints about the state of the language:

  • Lack of OO stuff =/

  • Inability to pass/return structs

  • weirdness with entity tracking

night build here